A Premier Gym and Health Club near Preston

3-1-5 Health Club are one of Lancashire’s leading providers of gym and fitness centres. Given our broad range of equipment and activities, it’s no surprise to us that we see plenty of people travelling from Preston every day to use our facilities.

If you’re looking for a fitness centre with friendly, helpful staff, 3-1-5 is the gym for you. We offer fitness classes for all ages and lifestyles ranging from spinning classes to power yoga, Pilates to swimfit, and many more.

Preston’s Health Club of Choice

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging workout, our trailers Niall and Stella offer BoxFit and Box Master classes that give an engaging and thorough cardio workout.

For the Young @ Heart we have range of activities, such as Aqua Tone and Circuits, that can provide fitness at a comfortable pace. For parents, your children can benefit from our Stingrays Swimming Classes, which have proven to be a fun and energetic time for youngster and grownup alike.

X-Force Strength Training

If you’re looking for a regime that focuses on strength, you’ll love our patented X-FORCE machines. Outstripping regular concentric training machines, our X-Force machines focus on negative training, letting you build up muscle strength even when you’re static. X-FORCE is revolutionary in every sense of the word.

Setting Goals with 3-1-5

Whatever training method you wish to undertake, we recommend consulting our Crystal Ball. Your first port of call before undertaking any fitness or weight loss program, you’ll be quizzed on your behavioural studies to help find the right steps for you to undertake.

Of course, whatever you strive to do, you’re going to need commitment and support. That’s why our full-trained staff are always on hand to help you through your new fitness regime.

Get in touch today to find out how 3-1-5 can help you. With our expertise and our venue, you’ll have everything you need to get trained, toned and ready to take on the world.