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Welcome to the heart of our vibrant fitness community, where group activities and group fitness classes take centre stage. At 3-1-5 Health Club, achieving your fitness goals becomes even more exciting and effective when shared with others. At 3-1-5, we offer a range of group activities that cater to all interests and fitness levels. Whether you are looking to play a game of squash, , or sweat it out in a SWEAT class, we have something for everyone.

/ What Group Fitness Activities Do We Offer At 3-1-5?

We offer various group activities to cater to different interests and fitness levels. Here’s a breakdown of the activities we offer:

Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes are the heartbeat of our club. These classes are designed to challenge and inspire and are led by expert instructors who are passionate about guiding you to success. From heart-pumping cardio sessions that leave you invigorated to strength-focused classes that build lean muscle, there’s a class for every fitness level and interest. Join your fellow members in a shared journey towards improved health and vitality.

Squash and Squash Courts

Our state-of-the-art squash courts are perfect for those who enjoy a fast-paced and challenging workout. Squash is a great way to improve your agility, speed, and coordination while burning calories.

SWEAT Classes

Our classes are high-intensity workouts incorporating cardio, strength training, and functional movements. Led by experienced instructors, these classes are designed to push you to your limits and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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/ Discover the Power Of Group Fitness

Variety for Everyone

We understand that no two fitness journeys are the same. That’s why our schedule boasts an exciting array of classes that cater to diverse preferences. You’ll find your perfect fit, from the intensity of Tabata and the fluidity of yoga to the dance-inspired rhythm of Zumba and the mindful focus of Pilates. Feel free to explore different classes to keep your routine fresh and engaging.

Motivation in Numbers

A unique magic happens when individuals come together to sweat, move, and push their limits. Surrounding yourself with motivated peers fuels your determination and keeps you accountable. As you conquer challenges and celebrate achievements, you’ll forge connections and friendships beyond the studio. We provide a supportive and motivating environment. Exercising with others can encourage you to push yourself harder, and the presence of classmates and instructors can help keep you accountable to your fitness goals.

Expert Guidance

Our instructors are more than just fitness experts; they’re mentors dedicated to helping you succeed. They’ll provide personalised attention within a group setting, ensuring you’re performing exercises correctly and getting the most out of each session. Expect encouragement, guidance, and expertise to elevate your fitness game.


By participating in our group activities and fitness classes, you’re working towards your fitness goals and having a blast while doing it. Effective workouts and a lively atmosphere ensure you’ll leave each session feeling accomplished and energised.

/ Are You Ready to Join Group Fitness?

Are you excited to experience the energy of group activities and the motivation of group fitness classes? It’s time to step into our supportive community at 3-1-5 Health Club. Check out our schedule, choose your favourite classes, and get ready to embrace a journey of fitness, friendship, and personal triumph. Your goals are within reach, and with the power of the group behind you, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Let’s make strides together – see you in class!

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