Kickstart with X-Force 

Our unique X-Force equipment used the way it was designed too…lets us open your eyes and change the way you train with X-Force.

Two sessions per week in a small group environment, educating and training you on our X-Force machines. For only £4.16 a class, what are you even waiting for?

X-Treme with Lee 

Lets up YOUR game!! A programme like you have never seen, you and 7 others will create a bond like no other when being pushed to your full potential with Master Trainer Lee.

For only £199, nutrition guidance, training plans, calorie followings and two intense training sessions per week.

ONLY 8 SPACES for this unique programme, sign up now!

Lift and Learn 

Want to take your weight training to the next level? Our Lift and Learn will both educate and train you. Over the 4 weeks you will push yourself harder than you thought imaginable and change the way you train.

£80 for a month of intensity in the free weight zones!

Raise the Bar

Let Lydia take you into the free weights training zone!

Gain confidence, learn correct lifting techniques, reap the benefits!

£60 for the 4 week LADIES ONLY course



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