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8 week transformation

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Increase Confidence

Feel Good

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Starts 28th September!

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£275 for Non Members

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Special 6 week kick-start programme to get you in shape!


If you are concerned about your health and well being there has never been a better time to take start. To take control of your life again…and we are here for you every step of the way. To help you we have put together a Special Kickstart Training Programme in partnership with the Body Fat Breakthrough and created an offer that will help you get going again and on the road to where you want to be.

By Joining our Special Kickstart Training Programme You will:

⦁ Feel motivated to reach your goals

⦁ Start to notice results fast in how you look and feel

⦁ Have an increased sense of confidence and happiness

⦁ Reconnect with yourself and make a positive start to your journey back to stronger health.

⦁ Feel the difference and be leaner and stronger

⦁ Vibrant atmosphere created by you and the instructor to motivate and make you feel more alive than ever before

Included in this offer you will receive:

⦁ Twice weekly small group training sessions with your X-Force Master Trainer, designed for Beginners or those just restarting again

⦁ Get expert support from your choice of our friendly Master Trainers including our  Fat Bomb tips to boost your fat loss and guide you back to great health

⦁ A 3D STYKU Body Scan to see where your starting point is

⦁ Guidance on nutrition and calorie deficit

⦁ Advice and Support from the team and other like-minded members through our private facebook page

All of this for just £60 for 6 weeks for members and £120 for non members! So don’t delay give our team a call on 01524 237 315 and get booked in today!

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