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/ Looking for results, motivation to work out, while feeling part of something special?

Join our brand-new Club Plus today and become an exclusive member of one of Lancaster’s most exciting fitness clubs. Combining unlimited gym access with group classes and regular body scans and coaching sessions, Club Plus allows you to reach your fitness goals your way.

/ Your Club Plus Membership includes:

• Access to full club facilities
• Expert coaching and support
• A community of like-minded people
• 2x small group strength sessions per week
• 4x SWEAT sessions per month
• 4x Styku scans per year

Do you want to make long-lasting lifestyle changes while having fun and making friends? Are you serious about building muscle, losing weight, and improving your health and fitness? Do you want to enjoy expert support from experienced coaches and friends who keep you accountable?

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/ Why join Club Plus?

We’ve launched Club Plus because we know how important the social aspect of fitness and weight loss is. Whether you want to build muscle, lose body fat or just improve overall fitness, the support of your friends and peers can help you to stay motivated even on the most difficult days.

When you join Club Plus, you’re joining a team of people who are just as passionate about reaching their fitness goals as you are. Swap tips, train together, help each other to stay accountable, and make friends while you get fit.

As well as making friends and enjoying social support, you’ll also benefit from expert coaching, regular training sessions, and body scans that can help you monitor your progress as you reach your goals.

Membership Benefits

Members of Club Plus have access to some of the most exciting and cutting-edge training and fitness technology we can offer. Our Club Plus membership includes weekly group strength sessions, weekly SWEAT sessions, and quarterly fitness scans that can help you track how your body changes throughout your fitness journey.

Weekly Sweat Sessions

Our SWEAT sessions are your chance to break a sweat and get your heart pumping. All of our Club Plus members can attend up to four SWEAT sessions a month, combining treadmills, resistance zone, and boxing to experience a HIIT journey that’s fun, thrilling, and challenging.

Our SWEAT sessions provide your weekly dose of cardio and combine activities that improve fitness and flexibility with those that increase stamina and build strength.

Quarterly Styku Body Scans

When you join Club Plus, you’ll start your journey with a Styku body scan. Our state-of-the-art Styku body scanner takes your measurements, including those around your bust, hips, and waist, and tracks other important health metrics.

Each time you jump on the scanner, you’ll be able to see exactly how your hard work in the gym is affecting your body. Whether you’re losing inches from your waist or seeing your body fat percentage go down, our quarterly Styku sessions might motivate you to keep going.

Twice Weekly Strength Sessions

Strength training is vital to your fitness goals, whatever they are. Many people who want to lose weight or improve their overall fitness focus primarily on cardio but building muscles can help you to improve your performance during cardio sessions and tone key areas of your body.

Our Club Plus members benefit from two strength sessions every week. Whether it’s arms or legs day, you can build your muscles and train with your friends in a fun, relaxed, and welcoming environment.

Regular Coaching Sessions

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of joining Club Plus is working with our expert personal trainers. All Club Plus members benefit from reviews and support from our 3-1-5 trainers. Our coaches can help you to reach your goals quickly and sustainably, no matter what they are.

/ Elevate Your Fitness with X-Force at 3-1-5 Health Club.

At 3-1-5 Health Club, we’re committed to providing our members with the latest and most effective fitness solutions. Our X Force Strength Training Machines are a testament to that commitment. They have revolutionised how we approach resistance training, offering efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation.
Whether you’re a long-time member or considering joining our community, incorporating X Force into your fitness regimen might be the key to unlocking your full strength and muscle-building potential. These machines are available for all membership options.
Need help with how to approach these machines? Ask one of our expert fitness instructors to help or check out our timetable to find fitness classes incorporating X-Force machines.

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