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We live in a pessimistic ‘no-cebo’ world

  • Avoid too much internet research
  • Understand that the physicians and doctor have a duty of care to explain the worst case scenarios based on averages
  • They are not trained in (or have been educated in) the value of diet, nutrition or exercise.
  • They are trained in pharmaceutical practices that often show very little understanding of holistic and/or complimentary alternatives

However it was now mid November 2018. We had information overload and it was a world of confusion for all…

Furthermore, how would this develop in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years! Ultimately this journey was down to me. It was my body, my outlook, my attitude and more importantly the love and support from other people around me who believed in me. 3-1-5 Health Club - Sean Thornton Myeloma

Your mind heals your body!

It’s essential to be strong and play your part in your healing and recovery by taking responsibility for your day to day well-being:

  • Take moderate exercise daily particularly walking.
  • Think positively and tap into the power of placebo and the bodies own healing powers where your mind heals your body. Think yourself well. Reading tip ‘How your mind can heal your body’ by David. R. Hamilton
  • You are what you eat. Stop eating rubbish and fuel your body with as much wholesome food and nutrition as possible.
  • Take supplementation and start today! Modern farming whilst it provides an abundance of food, is of very low nutritional value.
  • Rest and recover well sleeping 8 hours per night.
  • Limit stress – nothing is worth it.

In those first few weeks I won’t deny, I became frustrated with some of the doctors advice and guidance!

Furthermore, I’d been asking the benefits of exercise, diet and nutrition as part of the healing process  to be told the that there was no evidence to suggest the benefits of either in the course of the treatment.

How naive and ignorant. However I soon realised this is not part of their training or remit and indeed they are not allowed to advise on areas or fields that have not been clinically researched and evidenced!

Here is another dilemma since all research is conducted through pharmaceutical companies. To date there has been no long term research on alternative pathways in the world of cancer.

Due to this and in the consultants blinkered world they are right there is no evidence.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!

However, this annoyed me. As a result I would become that evidence I would show the power of recovery, long-term healing and benefits of making positive lifestyle interventions regarding diet nutrition and exercise.3-1-5 Health Club - Sean Thornton journey


I was again blessed as I was referred to Christies Manchester on 9th December 2019 to Doctor Samar Kulkarni and his wonderful team. What a relief and what a world of positivity we had entered. Whilst the consultant spoke of his recommended pathway he encouraged me to continue to follow what I was doing and to listen to my body.

We had everything clearly explained as part of my prognosis and treatment both short term and beyond.

Above all we were told to go home, enjoy Christmas and keep strong. Then to come back on 9th January 2019 ready to start the curing process.

The next part of the journey…