Your body is your fate

The Irony Of Exercise: Run Your Car Hard And It Breaks Down…Run Your Body Hard And It Builds Itself Up! Heres The Scientific Reason Behind The Paradox…


The harder you work any piece of machinery, the faster it breaks down.

But the harder you work your body, the more it rewards you with life, health and vitality. It is a paradox of sorts … the less you use the human machine, the faster it breaks down.

After seeing the transformations of thousands of clients over decades of time, I can tell you one thing for certain…

Our bodies make rapid improvements with exercise and rapidly deteriorate the more sedentary we become.

Movement is life, and the less you move the faster you’ll be six feet under. The truth is, the most common serious illnesses of the modern world is the disease of inactivity. 

If you live an active lifestyle, and if you are building a foundation of strength, you are more likely to live a long, independent and happy life.

If however, you choose to live a sedentary life, then you’ll become weak, arthritic, osteoporotic, and dependent upon others far sooner than you should. Either way, rest assured …

Your body is your fate.

A sedentary lifestyle will eventually pay you the dividends you’ve invested in it. That’s not only me giving you fair warning: Decades of medical and scientific research has proven over and over again…

Prevention not cure!

In other words, exercise correctly, eat and supplement properly, and you’ll find yourself “inoculated.” Protected against the ravages of disease such as…

  • A sick, weak and tired heart…
  • Weakened arteries and veins…
  • The silent serial killer known as high blood pressure…
  • Loss of lung function and breathing problems…
  • The debilitating affects of depression…
  • Improves blood lipid profiles, and…
  • Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Truth is, more than 80 known diseases may be controlled or prevented by an exercise program. Make a firm commitment to your health, and you can become almost bullet proof for decades to come. But you have to do it right, which means… Correct Exercise Is The Key.

You probably need more intense exercise than you would be willing to do on your own.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s well within your reach to get in great shape, and we’ve proven it for decades. The results we get from our program is proof. The caveat?  They didn’t do it on their own. They needed help, and that’s why they sought us out.

When you are using intense exercise to force blood through your arteries and veins — flooding your body with oxygen and increasing your metabolism — you are introducing a toxic-like by-product into your muscles.

And while it can be challenging, it also causes a vast emergency response that requires your body to naturally produce hormones that boost its immunity. Exercise regularly, and hormesis keeps your body strong, bones dense, and your immunity supercharged. Plus: you have tons more energy.

Your takeaway is this: View intense exercise as the most natural self-administered drug the world will ever discover.

If you choose not to exercise, you are guilty of abdication.

Abdication in the sense that you have given the responsibility of your health over to someone, (or some medication) that doesn’t own YOUR body. You own it.

It’s your responsibility, and lack of exercise is a self-pronounced life sentence.



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