Group exercise at 3-1-5

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Why choose Group Exercise at 3-1-5?

Zumba Group exercise 3-1-5 Health Club
Zumba at 3-1-5

Because we love bringing like minded people together through group fitness! And….did you know ALL our classes are inclusive of membership for our members and for non-members we have a selection of pay as you go options too! Something for everyone.

1. Motivation

Group exercise and fitness 3-1-5 Health Club
Post Class ‘glow’ at 3-1-5

It’s inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded individuals and supportive people all working hard together. At 3-1-5 we have professional, educated, motivating individuals who are the best instructors in the area to help you reach your goals whatever they may be. Group Exercise at 3-1-5 is a great way to help motivate yourself and others to dig deeper and push harder in workouts.

2. Structure

Group Exercise at 3-1-5 is a great way to get a workout in without having to think or plan. Each class is structured with a warm-up, a balanced workout and a cool-down.

Group Fitness 3-1-5 Health Club
Les Mills Launch at 3-1-5

Our instructors warm-up is designed to help you properly raise your heart rate while loosening your joints and muscles before jumping into strenuous activity. Our fabulous instructors at 3-1-5 will coach you through each segment of the workout. The cool-down will help you safely lower your heart rate and stretch all the major muscles worked during class.

3. Proper Form/Technique

Group fFitness 3-1-5 Health Club
Body Pump at 3-1-5

It’s our fitness instructor’s job at 3-1-5 to not only show proper form, but to also make sure that everyone in the class is executing each exercise the right way (Technique) Not only is proper form important for your muscles to reap the most out of every exercise, but it also helps eliminate potential injuries. I can’t stress enough how important it is to execute every exercise safely and correctly!

Group Fitness 3-1-5 Health Club
Marian our Studio Manager instructing squat technique

4. Variety

At 3-1-5 we have a fabulous range of classes, there is something for everyone, all ages and abilities!!!

Group fitness at 3-1-5
Spinning Class at 3-1-5
Box Fit Class at 3-1-5
Pilates Class at 3-1-5
Pushy Parents class at 3-1-5

Body Pump, Bootcamp, Spinning, HIIT, Zumba, 3-1-5 Barre, Drums, Pilates, Body Balance, Yoga – the list goes on. There are many types of group exercise classes we have to offer. Having a variety of classes in your weekly workout regimen is a great way to create muscle confusion, which keeps your body guessing and ramps up your metabolism. It also helps prevent boredom.

5. Accountability

At 3-1-5 we require members to sign up in advance for specific classes. This is a great way to keep yourself accountable for your workouts. If you’re signed up and it’s on your schedule, there’s a good chance you won’t skip it. Book your class NOW by using our brand new ‘Fitsense‘ app.Health clubs and you

6. Fun

There’s really no other way to put it: Group Exercise at 3-1-5 is fun. Between the upbeat music, a great workout and a group of people motivating each other along the way, it’s an enjoyable way to exercise. If you’re looking to add a little more variety and fun in your fitness life, 3-1-5 can give you everything you need, group exercise classes may be just what you need. Any questions or if you would like a taster session on any class we offer please book in with me at reception.

Group fitness at 3-1-5 Health Club
Happy Barre Class at 3-1-5!

To start your summer journey pop in and see us.

I look forward to helping you on your Group Exercise journey at 3-1-5!


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