Supporting A Healthy Active Community

VVV Health Club in Morecambe has, after 22 years, been forced to close for a number of reasons outside their control. For those that have attended and become comfortable at VVV gym as members, being without a familiar fitness space can be both upsetting and inconvenient. This is something that both Simon, the managing director of VVV, and ourselves at 3-1-5 understand.

Whilst it has been a very sad time, despite being competitors in a small market place it was heart-warming that Simon chose 3-1-5 to recommend his members to as his club of choice.

Whilst for some, gyms may simply offer the opportunity to get fit, we are aware that for many it can be a space where friendships have been built over time. As a gym that shares the same ethos of community and quality that characterised VVV, at 3-1-5 we believe that we can provide a seamless and tailored transition for those that have grown with VVV over the years.

Similarly, there will be a large number of members that joined only recently or follow a rigorous and functional fitness regime. This will, of course, mean that convenience and equipment are of the utmost importance. With X-Force equipment and a team of very knowledgeable and friendly staff, we are able to surpass any expectations. At 3-1-5, we offer over 100 classes a week that cater to all interests, ages and abilities along with a range of facilities, such as our hydrotherapy pool, squash courts and our MyZone and Styku fitness monitoring technology. This breadth of resources, teamed with our positive attitude towards fitness, means that those of any level of fitness experience will be able to develop further with us.

The role of a gym in a person’s life is only effective when it becomes habitual, something that for many is tied to location. It is much easier to incorporate fitness into daily life when it is nearby to home or work. As the gym closest to VVV that offers a friendly environment and high standard of resources, moving over to 3-1-5 will require minimal change to routine. We are just a ten-minute drive from VVV gym whilst also being close to bus routes coming from Morecambe and Lancaster.

Don’t be left stranded, to ask any further questions about continuing your fitness journey with us to our gym quickly and simply, contact us on 01524 237315 or send us an email. A warm welcome awaits you at 3-1-5.

Together, building and supporting a healthy, active community and vibe at 3-1-5.

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