Summer Fit at 3-1-5

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Summer Fit at 3-1-5

A beach body begins in your mind! Dreading swim suit season?

What if instead of obsessing over pasty paleness and beach body abs that you focus on conditioning your mind and your body, ready for a summer of fun in the sun!

Brace your vulnerability and increase your courage by working on your muscle tone! 3-1-5 have all the tools to help you with this. Just think how good it is to feel the sun on your face and fresh air in your lungs. We’ll help you re-connect and take care of your body!3-1-5 Gym, Fitness and Health Club in Caton

Join this summer on a membership and get eight weeks support in the Academy to get yourself

Beach Body Summer Fit. 

Summer Fit at 3-1-5Each membership comes with FREE 8 weeks in the X-Force Academy and includes much needed education, a 360 degree Styku scan, Small Group Training and so much support to help you on your journey. Also you can enjoy your membership with a friend as we’re also including 6 FREE guest passes!

Join between now and the end of August and get £200 worth of added benefits!

Styku 360 degree body scan available at 3-1-5


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