Strength for Active Aging

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Turn back your aging clock and become fitter and stronger next year.

As muscles age they become weaker. Weak muscles progressively contribute to an individual’s loss of interdependence. First by slowly limiting the ability to be involved in recreational activities, later by requiring others to help with routine daily tasks, and finally contributing to overall frailty and susceptibility to injury.

Gary Forster, long term member of 3-1-5 gave us his story…

‘I’ve been coming to 3-1-5 since it first opened after that moment when I decided that I had to change my lifestyle before it was too late!








I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere, the club, the staff and especially the X-Force machines but the thing that kept me coming above all else was the classes. It was the interaction with other members, like minded people with similar goals and the enthusiastic instructors. As good as the classes are I still felt there was something missing, then along came the Academy.

Since joining it’s given so much focus to my training. The small groups are perfect and the constant attention by any of one of the trainers keeps you getting the max from your set, that said the rest of the group are all too happy to help you get that last rep or 3 !! You get nothing but encouragement from everyone whether your goal is to do 1 press up unaided or you are pushing for a big dead lift PB, the only competition is with yourself and your own progress which makes it such an inclusive place to train.

The private Facebook group (Academy members only) is something I didn’t think I would actually get into but I find myself making recipes other members have posted, posting pictures of my own food and joining in discussions. It’s great to see everyone progress as well your own achievements and I am looking forward to everything that is still yet to come’.

If you would like to join the Academy then contact us through HERE , call: 01524 237315 or for further information email:  [email protected] or [email protected]