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A month off from My primary treatment

It was now the 18th Feb and I was eager to continue my treatment however even this was on hold with a 21st March re-start minus the drug Revlomid. I had got so near yet so far!

Because of the associated risks of further TIA’s, I was now put on a programme of x2 cycles that didn’t include revlomid. However, I was in full belief that the Revlomid was a contending factor in the accelerated reduction of my para protein levels. (80% reduction within 5 weeks of starting the programme). Here we were with day 180 passing and still no further forwards in my recovery. I only had 7 points of para protein to go!

So near yet so far!

Hail the power of Revlomid. Finally 3 months later than planned I was back on the right track with a new regime for the end of June.

By the end of July HAPPY DAYS para protein less than 4% to go!!!!  The finishing line was in touch. I had felt like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick!

What a great week – 3 cures in 1 week!

I had a follow up scan following last year’s pneumonia and pleurisy where the results had shown amazing progress. This was complete with my left lung looking as healthy as my right and consultant saying that is one of the most complete recovery’s he’s seen and exceeded what he believed was possible based on the severity I had undergone and indeed only superficial scarring!

Para protein had finally dropped to the 90% required to progress to stem cell

I had a long standing eye condition.  I was referred to Liverpool Eye hospital and was keen to get everything wrapped up. And as a bonus off I went to get this treated to find out it had naturally also resolved itself and had no further requirement for laser treatment.

What was the secret of success?

Diet, nutrition and homeopathy and a great medical team that treated me as an individual to support my beliefs! 3-1-5 Health Club - so near yet so far

Listed below is the continuing maintenance of the body during chemo. This treatment was to support,  enhance and strengthen my body’s tolerance and resiliance in recovery from the Mutiple Myeloma that I was receiving from the hospital and was provided by Claudia Carillo at Biomed Natural Health in Lancaster.

March / April 2019 – TIA and Chemo support

– weekly IV therapy with Bioregulatory remedies, continue remedies at home

– Supplements  – increase of Vitamin C and Antioxidants

– Electronic Gem Therapy – Twice weekly

May 2019 – New Chemo cycle

– continue all remedies, IV therapy, supplementation, meditation and emotional support

– EGT twice weekly

– during all chemo cycles no detox

– increased exercise regime  – X-Force weekly, cycling and walking daily

June / July 2019 – Second cycle of chemo

As above plus…

– EGT rainbow treatment for relaxation

– started with massages /bodywork for calves as cramps and tightness through walking and chemo effects showed

– after 2nd chemo cycle completed,  started full body detox to eliminate residues of chemo toxins in the body

– preparation for stem cell therapy – iv therapy, detox, supplementation

My journey continues here…