Roger Bunn and his Myzone journey

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Roger Bunn tells us about his Myzone journey

Roger Bunn has been a member with us for over two years and last year discovered the benefits of wearing a Myzone belt.  In June 2021 Roger was awarded Myzone Member of the Month at 3-1-5. Each month we spotlight members who have stepped outside their comfort zone or achieved a new goal. We love to offer recognition and celebrate achievements. Roger was a very worthy winner to appear on our Honour Board and here he tells us his journey with Myzone.

Roger Bunn 3-1-5 Health Club

Rogers story

I joined 3-1-5 in June 2019 by default as I was a refugee from VVV*.

I had been with VVV for 20 years so I didn’t really know what else was on offer in the area. After looking at other options, 3-1-5 was without doubt the best I had seen. They were also prepared to honour the annual fees that were still outstanding from VVV. Therefore, after an initial trial visit I joined.

At the time I had just retired after 52 years of working with the last 42 being in the vending industry.So I am now one of the lucky ones who can choose when and how I look after my fitness.

Whilst working out at this nice big new gym I had always wondered what the coloured boxes with numbers were?. It took me till late 2020 when 3-1-5 were holding a promotion for Myzone for me to investigate and understand how it could help me. So, I went ahead and purchased a belt.

Myzone tiles - 3-1-5 Health Club

I now use my belt at the gym during general workouts and in spinning classes.  I also use it during my road bike rides, normally twice a week. My bikes rides can range from 30 to 100 miles.

Since buying the belt It has changed my focus on how I approach my workout sessions. I usually visit the gym three times a week with cardio being the majority of my sessions. I now focus my effort using the Myzone® Monitor and the readouts on the screens at the gym. It’s so much easier than my previous way of using time as a gauge. In spinning classes and in general workouts I now monitor my work rate and adjust it to hit my personal goals. Monitoring my fitness level using the App I can see how it has improved since buying the belt.

A major benefit from my improved fitness has been a weight reduction of 7%. In turn this means that I am now running again, something that my weight had stopping me from doing for several years. I’m now up to 5k and hopefully going to do an organised 10k soon.


The annual and monthly challenges at 3-1-5 using the Myzone Energy Points has triggered the competitive streak in me. It’s fun and a great way of measuring my fitness progress.

Myzone challenge 3-1-5 Health Club

I’m am fortunate that I can spend as much time at the gym or on the bike and I do enjoy exercising and the benefits it brings.

My  fitness levels have improved! I have a reduction in weight and really enjoy partaking in the challenges. All round the Myzone monitor and the accompanying App have been a win-win for me.

Roger Bunn

We’d like to thank Roger for sharing his story with us and telling us all about how myzone has improved his effort levels and motivation.

If you would like to purchase a myzone belt, please click here.

.myzone 3-1-5 Health Club

*Sadly VVV, a local stand alone facility, closed its doors in June 2019. 3-1-5 managed to re-home many of the members who are now part of the 3-1-5 family.