Ready to welcome everyone back

Sean outside Club

Ready to welcome everyone back

We’re all patiently waiting for the green light from the Government to open the doors at 3-1-5 however…

All change at 3-1-5 health club ‘ready to welcome everyone back’ in a COVID-19 safe space

Over the last 2 months we have undertaken extensive works to refurb and modernise further the club. At the same time we created an extensive plan to transform the gym experience into a COVID-19 safe space. We will be able to re-open safely once the Government gives the green light.

However during this lockdown we want you to know that have been working tirelessly to ensure when are doors re-open we are ready for your safe and enjoyable return.

3-1-5 Health Club- Sean inside

Our new policies and programme will safeguard customers. This goes significantly further than the newly-created industry-wide guidance by UKactive. Ukactive are the health and fitness trade association.

We have reconfigured the interior layout of ensuring all machines and equipment are apportioned at least two metres apart. This now adheres to government guidelines.

At 3-1-5 we are in a unique position in the gym market due to the size of our gym and the space afforded to customers.

The extent of space within our club totals 63,000 sqft. This means that, even if it apportioned as much as three square metres to each customer, we would still not reach 50% capacity during peak hours. We hope making one of the best equipped gym operators for social distancing measures in the UK.

Meticulous hygiene and cleanliness is key to the club’s plan. The club will be subject to a rigorous cleaning schedule to ensure that all equipment and touch points are cleaned after use.

We also plan to overstaff our open-spaced areas to monitor social distancing and enable all members to exercise safely.

Increased staff numbers will provide members with additional support and also ensure cleaning procedures are carried out regularly.

The class timetable has also been revamped to ensure there is a longer than required turnaround time between each class. This allows thorough cleaning procedures to be carried out and for groups not to cross over.

Group exercise classes will not operate above 50% capacity, to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to.

Industry guidelines are currently supportive of pool re-openings. With chlorinated water known to kill the virus, we are well placed to do so with the some of the largest wet-side facilities in the private sector.

We have new policies on social distancing measures on poolside and also in the changing rooms to minimise the footfall and keep people moving.

However, squash and heat treatments rooms are to remain closed until it is safe for them to re-open.

Everyone at 3-1-5 is eagerly awaiting the green light to re-open to our members and assisting people physically and mentally after this exceptional lockdown.

The UK activity sector has long served in the fight against preventable disease. At no time in our recollection has this been more important than now.

It’s been exceptionally encouraging to hear physical activity talked about so much since the start of the crisis. Indeed we’ve talked about it more in the last seven weeks than we have in the last seven years.

We applaud the people who have continued to exercise and those who have joined the active population more recently. This is simply brilliant.

We know from our decades of experience as health club operators that exercising alone at home isn’t the full solution for achieving sustainable lifestyle change. The vast majority of people need additional support – namely variety, visit commitment – a date with a destination – and social connection.

From the start of the closure the entire sector came together. This was very much in the spirit of the fitness community. To co-create a unilateral protocol for re-opening safely on the other side.

Facilitated by our sector representative body, Ukactive, we have a robust set of guidelines for safe operations to which we’re all committed.

The health club sector is exceptionally well-set to help support the fight against COVID-19. 3-1-5 is absolutely best placed to do so. This is a sector that is unquestionably part of the solution.

We are so fortunate 3-1-5 health club have super scale facility that enable a great deal of variety, space and social connection. This gives us the opportunity to re-open safely and provide the well needed additional motivating factors needed. All this will help to keep our members physically and mentally resilient.

Online offering

And for those members not ready to return we also have the newly created online offering that includes extensive classes. These include live streamed classes so you could continue to exercise with other members and friends as well as new online body transformation programmes. Ultimately whatever your personal choices or preferences 3-1-5 is here to assist everyone. Either at the club or online in this new ‘Physigital’ world we will include lots of choice and options physically or digitally.

We are guided by the Government advice and our sector-wide framework facilitated by the team at ukactive. We will take their lead and will be ready to open as soon as permitted.

Rest assured a warm friendly welcome will await as you enter your super clean, refurbed newly programmed club.

Thanks for reading and we can assure you we will let you know the minute we know we are able to re-open!


Sean and the 3-1-5 team