The Power of Strength Training for Women

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What are the health benefits of strength training for women?

How can it help with fat loss?

With oestrogen as their main anabolic hormone, women, on average, can expect less muscle growth than men for the same amount of work. This is especially true in the upper body. Oestrogen levels decrease with age, so women can also expect a faster decline in joint and muscular health.

Women also have a lower bone mineral mass on average and are more susceptible to degenerative arthrosis (breakdown of the joints).

However, muscle to nerve response times are just as fast as for males – and this is responsible for over 30% of strength gain.

When you take these facts together, there is a clear argument for women to set aside time for regular, high quality strength training.

Strength training with X-Force can help women improve joint health and bone mineralisation, as well as develop a strong, lean body. Women should weight their training regime slightly toward upper body workouts. Specifically, they should work the core, shoulder and the back.

Trainees can begin with two workouts every 10 days. Once the trainee is content with her strength development, she can then cut back to one workout a week. If part of your goal is fat loss, the number of workouts should be maintained at two to three per week.

Increasing muscle mass will automatically increase fat metabolism, even when the muscle is at rest. If training intensity is reduced too much, or the resting period becomes too short, muscle growth will also be reduced.

Integrate these techniques into your lifestyle and reap the fat loss benefits in the results driven X-Force Training Academy.

Rosalind Forster, current Academy member states: ‘I started the Academy after the excesses of Christmas and New Year so, just 8 weeks in, it’s still relatively early days for me. I’ve lost a few pounds but more importantly I have already started to see some changes to my body which is exciting! I have noticed an increase week on week in the weights I am lifting and am striving to get the techniques right so I can gain the maximum benefit. I try to do the strength classes, X-Force and Fat Loss each week and it’s easy to mix and match with my own training or other 3-1-5 classes such as Spinning. 

The other Academy members have been welcoming and friendly and the trainers are great – although there’s no slacking off! It’s interesting to work with each of the different trainers and benefit from their different styles and specialities. No matter who you work with, each class leaves you exhausted but knowing you’ve achieved something. There are no egos and no competition except for pushing yourself to do better each week. It’s good to keep up with how others are doing via the Facebook group and the recipes and tips are useful. It’s also reassuring to know that others are going through the same thing when having a rough day or a weekend of not-so-clean eating! I have been coming to 3-1-5 for a few years and enjoy the classes, the facilities and the atmosphere, but the Academy has really boosted the positive changes in my lifestyle, training and attitude which I hope will continue. As someone who HATED every torturous minute of P.E. at school, I’m really enjoying the Academy classes, the camaraderie and, dare I say it, the exercise’!​

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