Positively Changing Peoples Lives

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Positively changing peoples lives

For many of us the key driver of diseases and illness has been a result of an increasing sedentary lifestyle fuelled by poor diet and nutrition, increased stress and poor sleep.

Regular exercise and activity is for many a wonder drug that improves the body’s own ability to function and operate healthily with greater resilience.

The reality of today is COVID is here along with many other diseases and viruses.

However in the modern world with huge media and social media coverage the bombardment of doom and gloom has at times shown to be apocalyptic and instilled great fear!

Based on statistics pre COVID once we turn 20 years of age the probability of not being here a year from now is 1in 1000. Now with COVID 19 the risks is still 1in 1000! 

In other words the risk is no higher than our risks were before!

Covid is the new normal but this should not stop us from living the life we deserve.

Its been a great sadness to see so many people affected by Covid and lives shredded with the passing of many loved ones. However, life is for living. We have a personal responsibility to embrace the new ways, taking personal responsibility for our own individual health and well-being.

Health clubs can benefit so many people in so many ways with the knowledge, the expertise, the facilities and the working practices that brings people together safely and effectively. The opportunity to re-open gave us all the green light to do what we do best.

Our passion has always been to Positively change people’s lives.  Our mission is to provide a safe facility that inspires, motivates, educates and supports all our members. Encouraging the health and wellbeing benefits of active healthy living with cleanliness and friendliness at the forefront of what do.

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Spotless facilities at 3-1-5 Health Club

During the lockdown we used the time positively, making new strategies and embracing new ways and innovation. Improvements that we wanted to implement immediately in a changed world to engage and better serve as many members of the community as possible once the Green Light had been given.

Addressing obesity as contributer to health conditions

Last week the government announced the importance of addressing obesity. Both obesity and other issues are the main contributors to the secondary underlying health conditions. Conditions that increase peoples risk of COVID 19 and indeed many other health factors.

People who are clinically obese are 40% more likely to die of COVID-19, according to new Public Health England figures.

If exercise was invented today it would be seen as a wonder drug. A drug that positively alleviates and significantly enhance people’s resilience to lifestyle related diseases.

Activity is a magic drug  3-1- 5 Health Club

Briton’s can substantially improve their health and quality of life by including moderate amounts of physical activity in their daily lives. Moreover, health benefits appear to be proportional to the amount of activity; thus every increase in activity adds some benefit.

Some of the more compelling benefits include reducing the risks of premature death, cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. High blood pressure, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, obesity, and osteoarthritis can also all be improved with exercise. Whilst exercise also enhances Mental Health and Wellbeing for improved mood, decreased anxiety and relief from symptoms of depression.

Many believe that joining a health club is your first step to living longer, healthier and happier.

If you need some motivation then we have a variety of kick-start programmes to get you back into activity safely and effectively…with all the support you need.

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