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In the words of Pixie Macleod-Hodgson. Long term member of 3-1-5 Health Club

Pixie is our 2020 Annual Members MYZONE challenge winner. Pixie reached a staggering 98k+ MEPS (Myzone effort points) throughout the 2020 challenge. We asked Pixie to tell us the reasons why she loves MYZONE and how it helps her motivation!

Pixie 3-1-5 Health Club

Pixie challenge 3-1-5 Health Club

What a great little gadget, this unobtrusive piece of technology transformed both my attitude towards training and the way in which I do it.


I was hesitant at first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted my performance displayed on a screen for all to see, would I struggle, are the other users pro athletes, am I biting off more than I can chew?

It didn’t take long for me to realise that myzone with real time performance feedback is a personal motivator tailored to your age and fitness level, this sounds rather cliched but it became about being better than I was yesterday, I certainly wasn’t focussed on what others were doing, I was too busy making sure my heart rate was where it should be, watching those oh so addictive points increase little by little and who doesn’t love to watch calories being burned right?

I guess we all know that fitness is how we set goals and how we stay current with exercise, myzone makes this element of training easier to manage, for example it could be one of those days when I was tired because of a bad night’s sleep or it had got late in the day because of a busy schedule, I could set what would be an achievable target for me, let’s say 100 meps (myzone effort points), by the time I had reached 100 I might be feeling good, so I might say okay then, let’s get to 150, it can then become a mission, right then! 200, 250. Other days I might get to 100 and I’m not feeling it at all but I did something at least and psychologically that alone can do wonders.

Of course training doesn’t have to feel like training, I might go for a walk in the woods for an hour, put on the myzone belt and off I go, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see my heart rate graph, calories burned and of course meps when I get home and of course you can check your progress during on your phone if you like, that’s a sure fire way to turn a gentle walk in to quad burning hike, so be careful taking a peek at your meps, you have been warned.

Pixie 2 3-1-5 Health Club

Travelling can throw a spanner in the works where fitness is concerned for many people, for me travelling is part of work so being disciplined with exercise is quite important and that’s yet another hurdle we all face, whether you are disciplined or not, it’s still discipline, even the word is scary but tracking your progress is almost like giving that responsibility to someone else, yep you guessed it my little myzone is there and it needs feeding and it will only accept meps. Walking, running, yoga, resistance bands, they all make meps and myzone stays happy.



Challenges and goals become easier to achieve, let’s say you have a limited time to train, maybe half an hour three or four days a week, it can be very easy to plateau and then wonder why you aren’t seeing the changes you’d hoped for, tracking your progress during exercise is the best way to achieve those changes. Using your belt and app you can see how much effort you are applying, do any of us really start a work out thinking ‘I hope I don’t try as hard as I did on Monday?’ or do we think ‘I hope I can try as hard as Monday or maybe even a tiny bit better’, your myzone tells you there and then ‘oi I know you can do better than this’ or ‘ wow look at you go!’. There are sometimes reasons, environmental, physical or psychological that we simply can’t perform as well as we would like to but your digital personal trainer will tell you ‘yes but you can still perform’ and those extra points you see tell you just that, ‘I didn’t feel up to it and I didn’t do as well as I wanted to but I still did it’.


Special thanks to Pixie for telling us her journey with Myzone and how she achieved first place in our 2020 leaderboard.

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