Parking Eye (ANPR) coming to 3-1-5

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Following the recent growth of our membership base and our car park being much busier, we have taken the decision to have ‘Parking Eye’ installed in our Club car park.

This is with one aim in mind….to reduce abuse, over-stays of those not using our facilities and most importantly improve the customer experience for all our members and guests!

What does this mean for you?

Every visitor to 3-1-5 using our car park will automatically get THREE hours FREE parking.

What happens if I stay longer than three hours?

We have done research and for most visitors this amount of time more than covers regular visits to the club, however, we appreciate from time to time you may wish to stay longer on certain occasions.

For those instances it’s as simple as popping your car registration into one of the Parking Eye terminals that will be available in the club lounge area. This then whitelists your car for the day and no action will be taken.

Additionally, should any of our members/guests need more than three hours and receive a ticket as they forgot to enter their car reg, then we can reverse that and ensure no charge is made.

Why Parking Eye?

Parking Eye uses ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). The idea behind Parking Eye is that cars that abuse our car park will receive an electronic parking ticket. This will then hopefully discourage them from using 3-1-5 as a public car park for the day and leave more spaces for you our loyal members.

When will Parking Eye be working from?

The system will be installed mid August in the car park and large signs will be placed around the car park to inform users of the new system. We then have a couple more weeks to ensure all our members are aware and the ‘Switch on’ date is currently scheduled for a date to be confirmed in September 2019.

We plan to inform all members via e-mail and also through our website and social media platforms.

Please also see the global statement we have produced in response to a number of questions about the new system:

Thank you for everybody’s time in commenting,  positively and negatively, all comments as always are positively reviewed and hope that the following post clarifies a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions towards Parking Eye. 

Firstly most people unless they’re staying at the club and utilising the club longer than three hours don’t need to do anything on each and every visit. 

Compared with other operations with parking, the average stay is two hours per visit before charges are possibly incurred. We have negotiated a three hour period and members have the option of putting their car reg details in if staying longer. 

If under unfortunate circumstances said member has been forgetful and receives a parking ticket, then we ask you to bring us the paperwork, confirm your reason for the visit on the said day and we can clarify to Parking Eye what you’ve attended on that day and we will ensure that there are no penalty costs incurred. 

We need to stress this is not a money making exercise. Our parking is limited to 280 spaces. 

If every person and every visit to the club extended to three hours we would be able to have no more than 1000 members and not the 1400 + visits we accommodate daily. 

This system brings increased security, greater efficiency and effectiveness of our land ensuring parking is for members and agreed partners only and not a free option and all day parking which is what has increasingly happened.

We reiterate this is neither at cost nor a revenue generation for the club. 

At all times we try and provide the best value for all members despite significantly increasing costs.  With forthcoming investments into the building we always endeavour to offer the best value health club in the area and hope you a see and enjoy this when you look at the inclusive offering available at 3-1-5


Should you have any queries over Parking Eye, then please drop an e-mail to [email protected]

We thank you for your understanding and hope you appreciate this decision has been made to improve our facilities for our members.

 Healthy Regards, Your 3-1-5 Team


 – Reducing abuse, over-stays and unwanted parking

– Deterring anti-social behaviour and improving parking safety

– Dramatically improving the customer experience