One for the gents…

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One for the gents…

Of all the temptations a man will face in his lifetime, there’s one that trumps them all….

Men, Mistresses, and MUSCLE

Think of all the temptations a man could  potentially face over the course of his lifetime such as lust, the love of money, perfectionism, and even cravings for power…you’d think nothing could possibly trump these.

But take one look at the nations growing weight problem, and I think you’ll agree the greatest evil a man faces is from a very special kind of seductress…your sedentary life-style….

She’s a master of her craft and you’ll recognise her temptations by the way she whispers ‘sweet nothings’ in your ear….

‘You’ve had a long hard day at work. You deserve to relax so go home, put up your feet and take it easy’

She plays mind games with you too in her wicked attempt to thwart your health…

‘I know you were supposed to go to the gym tonight, but missing this workout won’t make that much of a difference. Right’?

She swoons you with every excuse in the book designed to break down your logic….

‘You have no energy and didn’t eat right today, so whats the point’?

Any of you who have fallen for these tempting excuses to lay on the sofa with the tv remote in hand have fallen into the enticing trap…..along with all the disease, sicknesses and even death that goes with it.

Worst of all, you’ve probably lost your self respect on the journey!

We have some good news, no actually some GREAT news…..its never too late to become

The strong, powerful and confident man you are supposed to be!

Research internationally has proven its never too late to start rebuilding your body and you can STILL live up to your physical potential.

We can help you do it with a 100% natural way, no hormone replacements or steroid injections.

By becoming part of the family at 3-1-5 you can put on new muscle that makes you look and feel great! You can soon possess a body you can be proud of.

Its what we do at 3-1-5 Health club and its why so many people have come to trust and rely on our support.


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