Office workers named as least active sector in the UK

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Office workers named as least active sector in the UK

Yes its true, new research suggests Public Sector and office employees could be out of shape when it comes to exercise.  AXA PPP healthcare’s annual ‘FIT-SE’ Index* revealed workers in this sector (which includes government and civil servants) are among the UK’s least physically active – reference: Londonlovesbusiness

 Recent findings suggest the top 5 reasons for not exercising are as follows:

  1. I don’t have time (32%)
  2. I’m too tired after work (29%)
  3. I don’t have the energy or motivation (27%)
  4. The weather puts me off (i.e. it’s too hot, too cold or raining) (20%)
  5. My job prevents me from doing so (19%)

 With the top 5 motivators for exercising as:

  1. Maintaining or losing weight (50%)
  2. Improves my mental health (48%)
  3. Stress relief (46%)
  4. Increases my energy levels (28%)
  5. Helps me look good (18.8%)

Employees who start the day being active have less stress, sharper minds and are better decision makers. They have more energy and most importantly, are happier.

Despite this less than 50% of workers in the UK achieve their recommended levels of physical activity.

On Wednesday 25 September we’re excited to be doing something about it at 3-1-5.  Along with UKactive  we’re celebrating National Fitness Day by encouraging the nation to get active, whether before work or at the office, collectively getting off to a Flying Start and to help as many people as possible become more active, more often and #getinvolved 

There’s so much you and your employees could do to have a healthy kick-start to the day.

Our doors open at 6am on Wednesday 25th September (and every week day) so plenty of time to clock into a fitness regime before clocking into the office!

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