MZ Switch comes to 3-1-5

MZ Switch comes to 3-1-5

On 24th March, Myzone launched MZ Switch, a tool to help us build a socially connected community and reward effort, however you choose to exercise.

With the new MZ-Switch it’s never been easier for users to commit to an active lifestyle. As the world’s first interchangeable PPG and ECG heart rate monitor, MZ-Switch is wearable three ways.

Users can switch between a chest belt, wrist strap and arm band to track their real time heart rate and effort for every activity they do, from running, cycling and swimming to HIIT, boxing and weight training.

What does MZ-Switch do to increase motivation?

Just like the original MZ3, this new device makes people feel good about exercise. It rewards them for the effort they put into exercise with Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). And they get to share their results with family, friends and the Myzone community.

Existing MYZONE belt holders will be contacted by MYZONE and offered an exclusive discounted price dependant on status…Loyalty = rewards and those with the highest status get the cheapest price!

MZ-Switch 3-1-5 Health Club

 For new users and those wishing to purchase a belt, click on the picture above to find out how to buy your MZ-Switch using our special 3-1-5 Discount code and save £50 off RRP!

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