Member News – March 2021


Members News March 2021

Last week we made a bit of a typo in our weekly e-mail saying there was only 51 sleeps to go (instead of 41), so we are even happier this week to say as long as everything goes to plan there are now only 27 sleeps to go!

This week our whole team have begun a new training journey with our partners Future Fit, who are offering not just excellent refresher training on how to best offer a safe, Covid secure club when we return, but also are putting our entire Fitness team through a Covid Recovery qualification.

This fantastic new course, teaches our Fitness professionals how to work with clients who have become deconditioned through lockdown, and also the skills, best practices, and knowledge of the effects of Covid across  the whole body and how through specialist training procedures we can support people back to health again.

We can’t wait to get started on offering these Covid Recovery sessions to our members and do our part to improve the health of the bay area.

COVIDREHAB FFT3-1-5 Health Club

New Team Member

Meet the newest member of the 3-1-5 team, club owner Sean and his family have a new pup Bayley. Isn’t he just beautiful?


Indoor Classes Are Back

Back in December we told you how after many weeks of discussions with local MP’s, Lancaster City Council and our environmental Health Officer that we had been approved to do a selection of classes indoors (during restrictions) for members of 3-1-5 who had medical needs that meant that being unable to attend group exercise classes in the club would have a detrimental effect on their physical or mental wellbeing.

3-1-5 Health Club Indoor classes

When we reopen, these classes will be available on a separate timetable and only available to book by anyone who has completed the 3-1-5 medical exemption declaration form. As we are due to open again shortly, to ensure that our indoor and outdoor timetables accurately reflect our members needs, we ask any members who wish to attend classes indoors due to physical or mental health matters to complete this survey. Once we have the forms back we can then assign the ability to book indoor classes to your account and create a timetable to suit the numbers. To complete this survey click here!

Back to School – Back to Sports

Alongside the rest of the country all of us at 3-1-5 breathed a sign of relief when our children returned to school this week.

Lockdown has been tough on us all but children have had a real raw deal, and it looks like it’s not just their education and social development that may have suffered, recent studies show that up to 78% of children are now doing less than the required level of exercise. Lets hope that being back at school will get our kids moving more. To read the full article click here..

Child at school 3-1-5 Health Club

Nutrition and Mental Health and Wellbeing

This weeks article by Claudia from Biomed is regarding how mental and physical health have traditionally been treated as separate issues, but there is now recognition that we are one highly integrated and complex system and that physical and mental health should often be addressed simultaneously. If you would like to find out more about this please click here!


A Busy Week For Birthdays

It’s the time of year when we celebrate the birthdays of 2 of our most loved fitness team members Lee & Marian both celebrated their birthdays on Wednesday 10th March, and in a show of pure dedication to the club, they still joined us on our Zoom Fitness  team meeting, to help plan our re-opening and so we could sing to them!


Marian 3 1 5 Health club