Member Update 21st March 2020

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Dear Member…..

Wow what a rollercoaster these last few days have been. You will now know due to government guidelines we are closed as a building for the foreseeable future but write to you today with a positive message of support and continuation to you our loyal members.

Further to yesterday’s announcement by the government,  the support they are offering puts us in a much stronger position to take the business forward and continue to operate once this period of social distancing is lessened. The weight has lifted from our worried shoulders.  More importantly, It allows us to keep all staff employed and during this time gives us the opportunity to continue offering a service to our members albeit in a different way/format.

With that in mind, we are now in the position to give the option to freeze your membership for our period of closure. You need to do nothing. We will administrate this for you so please do not cancel your membership at the bank*see below

You will know from our email last night that we have so much going on in the background, projects that will continue to allow you to keep healthy and active. As a reminder of the things we’re working on:

  • Access to video content from your trainers.
  • Access to health tips from your trainers
  • Member Forums
  • Working out from home support
  • Exclusive discount to MYZONE activity monitoring with internal, national and global challenges and work-outs included
  • Exclusive discount to home work out equipment
  • We are also looking at the feasibility of outdoor training (In keeping with social distancing)

Alongside this we will be in regular communication with you via direct mail, Facebook,  Instagram,  FitSense, our website etc and will stay connected supporting and inspiring each other the 3-1-5 way.

Being in Isolation does not mean you need to feel Isolated!

We wish to continue building a healthy active strong community and together we will help each other bringing calmness and support to all!

We want nothing more than to come out of our collective hibernation revived, energised and excited to return to the club. A place of great living health and togetherness.  After all, It’s in our DNA.

We will be in touch again on Monday with further updates with regards to our on-going projects as above.

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.  Together we will conquer COVID 19

Thanks again for your encouraging words, support and loyalty at a time when we needed to hear it more than you would know. It has put a smile on our faces and warmth in our heart.

Yours in health, fitness and hope for a brighter future together.

Your loyal, passionate 3-1-5 family


*We are putting together various options on membership freezing and will communicate accordingly by Tuesday COP.