Meet Angels Social Support Services

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We would like to introduce you to our new and unique service – Angels Social Support Services

We are available to support your individual, social, emotional and practical needs.

It is well documented in the media recently that isolation and loneliness are one of the biggest causes of mental health problems across the UK at present.

Physical exercise is known to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety whilst increasing a person’s overall feelings of wellbeing.

Through Angels Social Support Services we therefore aim to address both issues by assisting those who may for whatever reason find it difficult to attend a gym or other venues alone.

How long is it since you went for a swim for example? Also did you know that table tennis is particularly good for reducing the symptoms of dementia and making people feel happy?

3-1-5 have a variety of activities to suit everyone’s needs.

Many people find it difficult to attend activities alone; some are restricted due to having a disability or do not have independent forms of transport.

Our service offers to pick you up, accompany you to classes and then drop you off at your home, following what will hopefully be an enjoyable and relaxing time.

315 offer the advantage of being a very well equipped gym with a large swimming pool and a smaller warmer pool including disabled facilities. For those of you that would just like to relax and meet people why not come and relax in the lovely warm saunas, steam rooms and large Jacuzzi, all at no additional cost.

By attending a gym you could increase your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing while meeting new people and having fun, making the most of your free time.

Our service also offers much more including..

Practical support to attend appointments including, health appointments and social activities, befriending, escorted shopping trips, visiting family and friends.

We also offer advocacy support including liaising with other professionals, assistance with benefit claims and support with using computers.


Sean Thornton, Owner and Director of 3-1-5 states: ‘We are delighted to form a partnership with Angels Social support Services. Angels brings alignment through our mission and vision to positively Change people’s lives, helping us to build strength in partnership and a healthy stronger community’


If you are interested in any of the above services please feel free to contact Julia McClements on 07984411999 or Sharron Gardner on 07846956141.  Email – [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.