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Lose 30lbs in 30 Days with 3-1-5 Body Fat Breakthrough

If you’ve found it tough keeping fit this year with everything that’s been going on, don’t worry…

This is a health crisis, so now our doors are reopen we now look forward to playing our central role. – Using our facilities and staff to help combat COVID-19. This will be done by strengthening the physical and mental health of people in our local community.

Every person matters, every life is precious. However we all have to play our individual part in defeating COVID-19 and other viruses. Our active role is Positively Changing People’s Lives and optimising health and wellbeing.

The most recent data from the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) reveals that 90% of people who were infected by COVID-19 in March had “underlying conditions”

“Approximately 90 percent of those patients had one or more underlying conditions. The most common of those was hypertension, in 49.7 percent of patients, followed by obesity, chronic metabolic disease (like diabetes), chronic lung disease (like asthma) and cardiovascular disease.”

If this isn’t an incredible wake up call to anyone that now is the most important time to take control of your health.

Unless you are so sick that you need to be in intensive care…there is not much that your doctor is going to offer you if you get infected with COVID-19. Your health is your responsibility.

3-1-5 Health Club Body Fat Breakthrough

It’s time to take control of your life again…

We have put together a Special Kickstart Training Programme and Offer that will help you get going to where you want to be.

You will:

  • Feel motivated to reach your goals
  • Get expert support from your choice of our friendly Master Trainers
  • Start to notice results fast in how you look and feel
  • Have an increased sense of confidence and happiness
  • Reconnect with yourself and make a positive start to your journey back
  • Feel the difference and be leaner and stronger now
  • 40 minutes twice weekly small group training sessions with your X-Force Master Trainer
  • Vibrant atmosphere created by you and the instructor to motivate and make you feel more alive than ever before

Losing fat and building muscle, or more correctly stated, building muscle to lose fat, is what X-FORCE does better than any other equipment.

3-1-5 Health club body fat breakthrough
The X-Force Body Fat Breakthrough

Your fast pass to a lean strong body.  We’re with you every step of the way.