Intensity and building muscle

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If you aren’t training hard enough or are just going through the motions, then you can’t complain when you struggle to build muscle.

It takes EFFORT and is HARD but it will lead to changes alongside your nutrition.

Here are some reasons why you are struggling to build muscle:

1) You are not training with enough intensity/hard enough and progressing each workout. This is key! If you do not create a stimulus for your muscles to grow, they won’t!

2) You are not eating enough protein. Men aim for your bodyweight in kg multiplied by 2 and females aim for your bodyweight in kg multiplied by 1.5. This will give you a daily protein goal.

3) You are not eating enough. Eat just above your maintenance calories, around 200/250 above is a good starting point.

4) You are not sleeping enough. Sleep let’s our body recover from resistance training and allows it to grow.

5) You are not being patient enough. Stop doing random workouts and thinking muscle grows over night. Be consistent, train hard, sleep and eat enough💪

If you are struggling or need that extra push then personal training could be the option for you or just come and speak to one of our fitness team for a pointer in the right direction.

Alternatively, if you like training in a small group environment then our new 10 week body transformation Academy could be for you. The next course starts on the 27th January and this could be the perfect solution to help with your training plateaus.

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In our previous Academy courses we’ve helped hundreds of people achieve the body shape they wanted. Your goals and dreams can become a reality at 3-1-5 Health Club.

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Lee Jones

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