Many residents of picturesque Halton feel that their fitness options are limited to the local cycle path and jogging. That’s a shame for several reasons – but perhaps the biggest is just how many options they really have.

3-1-5 Health Club on Caton Road is the premier gym and health club in the area. What can we offer you?

Something for Everyone

We’re proud of our selection of classes. There’s something for everyone from eight to eighty. Whatever your interests, we can support you, offering chances to dance yourself fit or spend arm day learning to Box Fit, among many other options.

We have a skilled, experienced team of instructors who are just waiting to support you.

X-Force Training

3-1-5 is equipped for X-Force training, which helps anyone using our X-Force machines make the most of any training session. Our X-Force machines are designed to take advantage of ‘negative training’; you’re always working out during your session. The X-Force Academy is a great way to learn to get the most from this.

Self-Improvement and Smart Goals

Have you tried our Crystal Ball service? This system allows you to set yourself real, achievable goals that become milestones on your route to fitness. It gives you a clear idea of what you can achieve, based on expert understanding. You’ll have to work to reach them – but they are reachable!

Begin your Journey

Those milestones await you. If you’ve got a clear idea what you want to try, we look forward to hearing from you! If you’re not sure what would suit you, please get in touch. We’re always happy to talk to fitness fans, and by discussing your experiences and skill levels, we can help you find the ideal way to start.