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The benefits of operating in the health and fitness sector is you get the benefits and insights of many health orientated technologies.

In May and again in July I had had the benefit of a Pharmenex scan. I was amazed that despite undergoing chemo I had achieved such a high level of anti oxidant. Over subsequent tests I’d increased my levels by 20%!

My diet plan was obviously working well which was indicative of my dietary and supplementation which had increased significantly since my TIAs in February. This consisted of; 6000mg  Vit C,  500mg CQ10, 4000mg Cod liver oil,  3000 MT of megamag muscleaze  and 3000 mg  Curcumin C3 Complex®.

This was supported by daily cholesterol lowering boosting smoothies. This included oats, berries, fruits and  tablespoons of wheatgrass chlorella Amla and ginger.

Additionally I’d consume a daily fresh squeezed juice that included everything and anything that was lying around although the base predominantly was carrots and celery.

3-1-5 Health Club Happy Holidays Sean Thornton

Happy holidays

I was given a week off from treatment so took the opportunity to have a UK break with the family. Off to North Wales we went.

Unfortunately it seemed riddled with bad luck. To start with I pulled my back loading the car, great start!  Not one to let things hold me back (as you know by now) we set off regardless.

Once we got on the holiday and settled in I chose to go on a Mountain bike ride. I chose the Tawr Du Black Bull route and the last time I cycled this was 20 years ago!  I was excited to get some fresh air into my lungs.3-1-5 Health Club Dolgellau Sean Thornton Happy Holidays

On my return from the cycling trail, I got back to the centre to be met by my wife Lou. She commented how well I was at last looking. Yipee. We went  for a brew in the cafe and were sitting down talking about when to go to Abersoch to meet up with some friends. We were relaxed and enjoying life with Hugo chilling under the table.3-1-5 Health Club Happy Holidays Sean Thornton

Before we knew it a dog came along and attacked Hugo under the table, instantly my reaction was to intercept to protect my dog. Unfortunately this wasn’t risk free! My thumb was bitten with the pad of my thumb bitten right down.

[email protected]*k!  What have I done now’!

An unplanned trip to Dolgellau

So our visit to friends to Abersoch went out of the window as we now had to go to A & E at Dolgellau hospital. Albeit very painful, a thumb injury may not seem the end of the World for average Joe. However, I was due to start my Stem Cell transplant imminently! 

The Holiday now over, I faced an anxious wait and deliberation as to whether they’d let me do the stem cell as scheduled.  The decision had to go to the board of medical ethics…….

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