Going Green!


Going Green

Here at 3-1-5 our long time goal has always been to be as environmentally friendly and green as we possibly can.

This is not easy operating such an energy hungry building. In electric consumption alone 3-1-5 uses over 1.2 million kwh per annum.

With ever increasing costs we are always looking for ways to not only reduce costs but also to reduce our environmental impact. We are exploring options for creating a greener health club environment for you and the world at large.

Over the last few months we have been focusing on implementing proven technologies. Technologies that will have the greatest impact on energy conservation and sustainability. We want to lead the way in the fitness industry at large by having the best green practices and proven initiatives.

During lockdown

Solar PV system at 3-1-5

During the recent Covid-19 lockdown we have utilised this time efficiently and ramping up our green efforts. Making  many eco-friendly changes at the club. Whilst the club has been closed, we have taken delivery of a 500Kw solar panel system. A system that will generate 1/3 of our annual electric requirements. This will benefit the club with significant carbon savings of 112,829 kgCO2E in year-1 alone. More importantly a healthy reduction in our electricity costs of circa 36% per annum.

Another healthy partnership

BACB Renewables Ltd Logo
BACB Renewables Ltd Logo

Over the past year, we have been working in partnership with Bernard Sharpe from BACB Renewables Ltd. Bernard has professionally advised and guided us throughout our solar installation.  The Installation was completed by Engenera Renewables Group in June and is now fully operational. We continue to work with BACB Renewables Ltd who are exploring the opportunity to further reduce our carbon footprint. This will be by the addition of ground source heat pumps and other alternative-energy sources to power your health club towards its ultimate goal of being the greenest health club in Europe.

In addition we have also changed over all our lighting to LED lighting. These have local zoned lighting controls that will also reduce our electric demand and consumption.

For your health and wellbing, we are increasingly using environmentally friendly cleaning materials throughout the entire building. These incorporate textile, paint and other finish materials that contain low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as well as being recyclable.

We are in the business of healthy lifestyles “Positively Changing Peoples Lives” and we believe that a healthy planet with green gyms is part of that mission.

And who knows in the future instead of just burning energy, your workout could soon be generating it!  Potentially making every step and pedal turned on the stationary cycles, cross trainers and steppers convert into watts, generating electricity as you exercise.

Take a look at our fabulous new solar panels here!