Go Red Day with HIIT

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Tuesday 22nd September – Go Red Day with HIIT

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, which refers to short bursts of intense exercise followed by low-intensity recovery periods. 


It can deliver a lot of what you want from traditional cardio: burning fat, elevating your heart rate, and general fitness in a fraction of the time, making it especially useful for those of us who can’t spend all day in the gym.


To get all these benefits though, HIIT has to be done properly and your intensity has to be high.

You can use HIIT to build your entire workout, or apply it to finish your workout. 


What makes HIIT work is your intensity. To make it work you have to work as hard as you can for that little period of time, then rest for a length of time that’ll let you recover to go hard once again.


An example on the treadmill could be 15-20 seconds of all out sprinting followed by 1 minute of walking, then back to the sprints, repeating 10 times.


Why not come and try some HIIT training with your favourite trainers on Tuesday 22nd September as part of the Great British Week of Sport!

Also don your MYZONE belt and the highest red zone achievers will go into a draw to win a well earned prize!

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We also very proudly partnered up with Fit4access a new online platform to help provide greater safety and reassurance to everyone in our centre throughout these uncertain times. Screening will take place upon entry for the safety of all our visitors and members alike.

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