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Begin your journey with X-Force

This guide to X-Force will provide you with easy to read information to develop your understanding of
the benefits of negative training and why X-Force should be an essential component of your training regime.

X-Force What? X-Force Why? Do you need X-Force in your training programme?

Yes. You do. It will maximize gains and results in a shorter period of time. X-Force overloads the
muscles with 40% more weight than the positive phase leading to the accelerated results that a
consistent, progressive X-Force program gives you.

First of all, X-Force can be used by a complete beginner or a professional athlete. Likewise, by the young or the old. Strength training is mainly used by males between 18 & 40. Other groups miss out on the benefits of such training including increased strength, increased bone density, increased metabolism
and decreased risk of injury. More importantly, these other groups have more to gain from engaging in an X-Force program. Another great reason why it needs to be included in all exercise programming.3-1-5 Health Club X-Force Training

So, X-Force is used once every 5 – 10 days performing 10 – 12 repetitions or 6 – 8 repetitions
depending on your personal goals and program. Great news for those whose busy lifestyles dictate
their workout time. Therefore, outstanding results are achieved within the minimum of time.

The Importance of Strength Training

Advancements in modern technology and our reliance upon it, has led to many people leading
a sedentary lifestyle. Many of the illnesses we suffer from in modern society can be linked to a
direct result of lack of exercise and the functional movements we associate with it. X-Force will
help to tilt the balance in our favour. There are many myths relating to strength or resistance training. Many females believe they will suddenly develop a mountain of muscle.

Additionally, females do not have the levels of testosterone that males do to build the amount of muscle that a male can. Furthermore, many males lift too fast to provide the stimulus that the muscles need to adapt in relation to their goals. X-Force and it’s 3-1-5 concept will provide an effective way of eliminating
any disbeliefs that people may hold in relation to strength training and ensure that whatever your
goal is, it will be met.

Some of the benefits have been listed above, but here are a few more:

• Improved fat metabolism
• Decreased blood pressure
• Improved flexibility
• Decreased risk of developing Osteroporosis
• Improved strength

With X-Force, you only need one 30 minute work-out once a week…see here for yourself when X-Force hit American TV news with Philadelphia’s X-Force guru and ex-champion weight-lifter, Roger Schwab.

Negative Training

The positive phase of a movement is performed during the raising of the weight leading to a shortening of the muscle(s). Hence, the negative phase is the opposite which leads to the lengthening of the
muscle(s). Above all, negative training carries many benefits.

Here are a few in relation to X-Force Training.

Applying a greater load to the muscle means a more efficient workout and accelerated results
Furthermore, eccentric loads are greater leading to the muscles fatiguing sooner which results in a more time effective method of training.

As a result, this type of training is less taxing on the heart as we require less oxygen to perform the exercise. Most importantly, negative training results in an increased range of movement as it requires your joint structure to work under the load.

The 3-1-5 Training Concept Research and study has shown that using the 3-1-5 approach ensures that the muscles work through all three phases. This involves three seconds of concentric work, one second of static & five seconds of eccentric work. Also, by using this method the member should see an advance from the previous workout. This may be an increase in weight or an extra repetition. Rest between exercises will depend on the individual’s fitness levels and the type of X-Force program they are undertaking. Most noteworthy, the training is progressive using one set on each station within your program and the member will always be in control of the exercise.

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