Fat Loss Tips



Fat loss for some can be an on-going struggle. Here, Lee Jones, X-Force Master trainer and nutritionist gives us some helpful tips to beat the bulge!

  • Calories matter! No matter what people say, you must maintain a calorie deficit to lose fat/weight

  • Weight Training is key to keeping yourself youthful, creating the shape you want your body to be and to losing fat. At 3-1-5 you have the opportunity to turn your body into a fat burning machine with the power of X-Force
Ben Law X-Force Master Trainer instructing an X-Force session
  • Hit your protein daily target. Multiply your body weight in kg x 1.5/2 and aim to hit that every day.


  • Be consistent and find your balance! You can’t eat ‘clean’ 6 days of the week and then go and eat half the Indian takeaway and wash it down with bottles of wine and expect results!
Meal Prep at Replenish Kitchen at 3-1-5
  • Move more! Take the stairs not the lift! It’s mad how much you will burn by just walking everywhere!


  • Finally, BE PATIENT! It took time for you to put weight on, so be patient for it to come off and it will!


AT 3-1-5 we recently ran an 8 week fat loss challenge and the participants followed ALL of the above guidlines to get RESULTS…Don’t take our word for it, see both the amazing body transformations by both the male and female winners here

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