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Christmas Present Searching?

STUCK FOR A CHRISTMAS PRESENT? WHY NOT GIVE A GIFT OF HEALTH WITH ONE OF THE FOLLOWING FESTIVE TREATS…. 12 days of Christmas, 12 days for £18 (Just £1.50 per day) 6 weeks for £60 3 months for £110 My Zone for £65 #effortrewarded Click HERE Join the 3-1-5 X-Force Academy and get £10 off the…

Healthy Hydration

Healthy Hydration The body cannot survive for many days without water and the effects of not drinking enough are progressive. Mild dehydration is characterised by thirst and a difficulty in concentrating, however, if you do not redress this situation then eventually your circulation will be impaired and your vital organs will fail leading to death….

Summer Fit at 3-1-5

Summer Fit at 3-1-5 A beach body begins in your mind! Dreading swim suit season? What if instead of obsessing over pasty paleness and beach body abs that you focus on conditioning your mind and your body, ready for a summer of fun in the sun! Brace your vulnerability and increase your courage by working…

REBOUND Sports Massage at 3-1-5

REBOUND SPORTS MASSAGE Lancaster. Preventing Injury, Promoting Recovery, Improving Performance How can Rebound Sports Massage Lancaster help me achieve my lifestyle goals? INITIAL ASSESSMENT  Whether you are looking for a remedial, recovery or maintenance massage, it is essential that we first assess your body posture and your range of movements in order to implement the…