Calories are King for Fat Loss!

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Calories are king for fat loss!

Despite all the myths and fad diets, the truth plain and simple is that calories are king for fat loss!

Also, very important to remember is your body works on averages, not over a 24 hour period! This is great news for those who may have fell off the ladder, had a binge day or special ocassion. We all have occasions where we just couldn’t say no to that cream cake, cheese laden pizza or few glasses of prosecco.

After all, we’re all human!

Here we explain the different calorie counting methods and you can work out which one suits your life-style the best. Remember, none of these options are WRONG, only what fits in with you and your eating patterns.

The Plodder

Spreading your calories evenly over 7 days. This method could feel like you are consistently dieting with no wriggle room but it works for some people!

The High-Low

Having a low calorie day followed by a higher calorie day can be a good way to eat more on a training day and less on a day off when your body doesn’t require as much fuel.

The Partier

This will fit most people’s lifestyle. Working Monday to Friday gives you routine and structure so you can stick to your plan then allow yourself some extra calories at the weekend when you want to be more social!

Calories are King for Fat Loss - 315 Health clubAll 3 methods add up to the same weekly calorie amount so it’s just a matter of choosing which one suits you best!

There are some great calorie counting apps available to help you log your daily intake, My Fitness Pal is a firm favourite with most and if you’re a Fitbit owner then their food logging app is just as worthy.

If you need some help or guidance with calorie counting, just ask [email protected] who will be happy to offer some guidance and support on all things strength, cardio and nutrition.