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Body Transformation Tips


How many of us have joined a gym or hired a PT to get into shape? But have failed, not due to lack of motivation but just lack of understanding towards training and nutrition, plus struggling to be compliant to the process.

This then leads to cancelling memberships and giving up on their goals.

There are thousands of different approaches to training and eating but ultimately you must find one that you enjoy, can stick to and will produce the results you desire.

The majority of people underestimate the work it takes to get the results they are after. If you’ve spent most of your life sedentary, with bad eating habits, it is going to take much longer than 6-8 weeks to transform your body and mind.

The KEY to success is 100% COMPLIANCY towards your training and nutrition. Not being ‘good’ for a week or two and then slipping back into old habits. Change takes dedication, hard work and consistency. If you can apply that then you have a recipe for success.

No-one said it would be easy. That is where a supportive group or trainer can be invaluable.

Trevor transformed himself with our 10 week body transformation.

To achieve the results you truly want you to have to commit fully and monitor progress. Use the following tips to help you with your transformation.

Train HARD

How often do you go to the gym and just make up a workout and move leisurely between machines, texting between sets? Doing the same thing week in, week out and never really changing.

You have to put the effort in, change doesn’t come easily. When training for change we need to apply something called Progressive Overload. This is when we gradually increase the amount of stress on the body. This can be done by adding reps, weight to your lifts weekly, decreasing rest time or changing lifting tempo.

If you want it, work for it.

Follow a plan

Following a plan is very important as it allows you to know exactly what you are doing in the gym and lets you better your last workout (progressive overload). This is important to force your body to change. Doing the same thing week in week out will not stress you enough to elicit a change.

Tracking your workouts to see improvement is crucial for progression alongside your nutrition. No body transformation was completed without compliance with a nutrition plan. Whatever your coach or programme says, STICK TO IT, unless they advise you to tweak it along the way. Whatever you do don’t flutter between random workouts and programmes!

Nutrition is vital

Just training hard and sticking to a plan alone will not bring you the best results. You have to be able to follow a nutritional plan and stay with it for a few months.

Training hard through the week then eating whatever and however much you like at the weekend will not cut it. Consistency wins the day.

Here are some guidelines to get you going:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables, half of your plate. Nutrients are essential for bodily function and health.
  • Aim for 1.5-2g of protein per kg of bodyweight
  • Calories matter! You must keep an eye on the total amount of calories you are eating daily.
  • Drink plenty of water. Around 2-3 litres for women and 3-4 for men.
  • A diet high in fat will help stop cravings, gut problems, hormonal production and increase energy
  • Use carbs after training (to replenish glycogen) and last meal at night (social and will release serotonin to help relax you before bed)

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