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Beginning with the end in mind

To not make a full and lasting recovery has never even been contemplated, nor have I lost one nights sleep about the possibility.

 9th November 2018

I’ve been freed from hospital after what the doctors had described as extreme pneumonia and pleurisy. I was informed my recovery was testimony to my positivity. As a result, this would be the same mindset that I would tap into to make a full and lasting recovery.

Upon arriving home I had already decided that I was the person responsible for healing my body, doing the best I can and getting my mind and body in peak condition. This journey would be supported by great people whom I trust and believe in.

Alternative Holistic Medicine

Many years ago, my wife introduced me to the world of complex homeopathy, an alternative medicine which works on getting the body in balance.  Through this I struck up a great friendship with the healthcare practitioner Claudia Carrillo.

3-1-5 Health Club Claudia Carillo BiomedI often referred to Claudia as our health angel because she just seemed to know exactly what was needed. Her approach is to get to the root cause of modern day ailments. She treats the body as a set of systems which, to work efficiently, need to be in balance. Without hesitation Claudia put together a health plan using a combination of treatments, remedies, manipulation and supplementation.  Claudia helps stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to restore balance and good health.

So, as soon as I got out of hospital I asked my wife ‘please call Claudia’!. Amazingly Claudia responded in a matter of minutes. Within 24 hours she’d researched my ailments and prepared a protocol of remedies and various other treatments. More importantly, these treatments would optimise my healing, recovery and preparation for the journey ahead.

The first steps to recovery…