Adding Muscle to Lose Fat

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Adding Muscle to lose fat

Stimulate Muscle + Lose Fat + Increase Metabolism = Permanent Fat Loss

Most people, unknowingly, lose a large amount of muscle while dieting. The end result is a slower metabolism — and a greater amount of fat that comes back once the dieting stops.

The effect of the X-Force concept is to stimulate muscle while losing fat, increase metabolism and make it easier to keep lost fat off permanently.

The science behind our program is compelling. Negative training triggers the body’s natural hormones to engage in what is called “muscle-fat crosstalk”. This activates the body’s chemistry to speed-up the building of muscle and the shrinking of fat. An amazing body transformation is visible week by week in both male and female X-Force trainees. With continued attention and maintenance, the X-Force Program leads a person almost automatically to a lifetime of muscular strength, body leanness, and vibrant health.

3-1-5 X-Force Bicep Curl
Lee Jones X-Force Master Trainer instructing an X-Force bicep curl.

X-Force Training Equipment is an industry game changer based on sound physiological training principle.

X-Force is the most unique and revolutionary equipment range available on the market today. It’s patented worldwide and can boast outstanding results from a training perspective from just one usage a week.

If you apply what the 3-1-5 X-Force Academy teaches to the best of your ability, the X-Force Formula 3-1-5 will give you the lean, strong body you’ve always dreamed of having…and in record time.


Just ask some of the 3-1-5 Health Club Academy fat loss subjects such as Dale Atkinson, Gemma Louise, Trevor Billington, Andrew Ridal, Matt Thackray and Helena Elliott who are regulars around the club with well-earned, leaner, stronger bodies. 

The recommended way to perform an X-Force repetition is called 3-1-5, that is 3 seconds of positive work, a 1-second pause, followed by 5 seconds of negative work. The negative or lowering phase should always take longer to perform than the positive or lifting phase. Here’s an example of an X-Force Bicep Curl instructed by the 3-1-5 team.

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This is Your Fast-Pass to a Lean, Strong Body!




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