A day in the life of wearing a MYZONE Belt

A day in the life of wearing a MYZONE Belt

What is MyZone? Technology that drives your workout to the next level in the gym or at home. Workout with the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market.


Myzone measures in MEPS (Myzone Effort Points). The harder you work, the more MEPS you earn. This chart explains how the points are earnt depending on your heart rate exertion per minute of your work-out.


Three of our staff wore their myzone belts all shift on Monday 12th April our first day opening. This is Sandies chart for the duration of her shift.

myzone chart 3-1-5 Health Club

To clarify, you wouldn’t normally wear a myzone belt for this length of time. Ideally you would just measure your work-out however, this was a great exercise to show how the myzone belt monitors your heart rate and effort throughout different periods of activity.

The green, yellow and red zones are the higher earning zones and warrant the most effort, Sandie was instructing classes during these periods. The grey and blue tend to be anything from at rest, gentle movement  up to a briskish walk or climbing the stairs.

This equated to the equivalent of walking  almost 14 miles in one shift! Not a bad days work!


Additionally, we run monthly challenges to boost your motivation. Each belt holder within 3-1-5 is invited to enter the challenge. This helps motivation and keeps you accountable to do your work-outs! At the end of the challenge date, if you hit the MEPS you get put into a draw and win a fantastic prize…

So in March we did a ‘Spring into Fitness’ MEP challenge. Everyone who entered and hit 1300 MEPS over the course of the month was entered into the draw. (1300 Meps is the World Health Organisation suggestion for minmum exercise per month). At the challenge completion, the Myzone Portal then picks someone at random who is awarded the prize. Here is a video of the March draw.


And…prior to our grand re-opening on April 12th we ran a ‘countdown to opening’ challenge. We invited everyone to aim for 100 meps per day, 1100 meps each in the 11 days leading up to our big day…Did you enter? Here’s the winner being pulled from the draw!



Congratulations to both our winners!! Sarah who organises the challenges will be in touch to arrange delivery of your prize very soon!

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