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Here at 3-1-5 friendliness and cleanliness are the foundations of what we offer, alongside of course our world-class facilities and programming. During lock-down our members overwhelmingly voted that the areas that would make them most comfortable to return to the Club would be the friendliness of our team and how clean we keep our facilities.

Our promise to you

  • We will be following advice from all relevant bodies (UK Active, Swim England, England Squash and The PHE) to ensure that we are not only complying with guidance, but fulfilling our obligation to our loyal members to offer you a safe and friendly place to enjoy working out.
  • Our team will follow strict hygiene rules with regards to washing their hands, handling money and other potential contaminates.
  • Employees with symptoms or in close contact with someone with a confirmed case will be instructed to stay off the premises. All employees will receive a heat scan on entry to the Club, those found to have a temperature will be unable to work.
  • We have stepped up cleaning around the Club and introduced additional sanitiser products, hygiene procedures and staffing to ensure the Club is kept clean. Also to ensure the correct use of equipment and physical distancing is being followed.

To ensure this and, to comply with Government guidance we have made the following changes that you need to be aware of.

  • Members to bring all their own kit, no kit can be shared, borrowed or hired.
  • All unnecessary equipment / equipment which is difficult to clean (boxing gloves) has been removed, if you would like to use the punchbags, you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Machines and equipment have been spaced accordingly, where spacing cannot be performed, equipment has been placed out of use.
  • Where possible classes may be held outside, in our brand new alfresco training zone.
  • To ensure that we can facilitate all our members with the number of visits they had prior to lockdown, there will be some interim limits to the length of time you can use the club for. This will be enforced by parking eye.

Entering the Club

  • We are now part of ‘Fit4access’.It’s a new online platform to help provide greater safety and reassurance to everyone in our centre. Read more about it here
  • We are lucky in that we have a large building which can cope with a large capacity of people; therefore we will not be asking members to book a slot just to simply use the gym. On your FitSense app, there is a new feature to view the number of members currently in the Club, from this you can make a decision on whether to attend. If capacity is reached, we will then operate a one in, one out system.
  • Face masks are obligatory and can be worn in indoor public areas (not whilst exercising)
  • All members, staff and contractors will have their temperature automatically screened upon entry*
  • To ensure of a contactless entry we ask that all members use their mobile app or membership cards to access the building.
  • We ask you to sanitise your hands prior to entering the club, and bring as few belongings as possible, these must be stored in a locker not taken around the gym floor / left in a studio.
  • To comply with distancing regulations, there will be limits to the number of people in the club and areas of the club at any one time, members wishing to use an area of the club that is deemed at capacity will be asked to wait until there is enough space to enter.
  • To reduce the time spent in the changing rooms we ask that you arrive “swim / gym ready” and shower at home.

* with the exception of Stingray children whose health and wellbeing will be regularly validated through Fit4Access that includes an updated fortnightly Health Commitment Statement and will show their Fit4Access pass before entering.

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Moving around the club

  • Face masks can be worn in indoor public areas (not whilst exercising)
  • PHE and Gov guidance on posters and digital signage will provide you with helpful reminders and guidance.
  • When using stairways, we ask you to stay left, ideally staying 5 steps apart and look left to shield your face from any on-coming users.
  • Everyone should follow the minimum physical distancing rules whilst avoiding any physical contact.
  • Wherever there is a one way system in place, we ask that you follow this.

Working Out

  • All equipment is to be wiped down before and after use.
  • Where equipment has been placed temporarily out of use to ensure distancing can be achieved we ask you not to use this.
  • To reduce the number of touchpoints, please bring your own drinking bottles ideally pre-filled.
  • We ask that the mouthpiece is not used on the fountains, where possible these will be disconnected.

Class Timetable

  • During longer periods of downtime in the club additional cleaning will take place in higher use areas i.e. on the gym floor, poolside, and studios
  • There is a minimum 15-minute window between classes taking place in the same studio  / outside to allow for additional cleaning and prevent queuing outside studios
  • To confirm your place in classes and to ensure as little contact as possible we ask you to book in advance via your FitSense app or by using our desktop booking system.
  • Classes in the club / outside are staggered in start times to reduce the number of clients entering / leaving the club at any one time.
  • Timetabling of classes has been adjusted to spread classes across the day and reduce “peak time” rushes.
  • We have introduced an Outdoor timetable to allow more choice of classes, and increased capacity.
  • Some classes have been designed to remove contact with others e.g. no partner work. You may find one of your favourite classes has been removed or the format has changed, please be assured once it is safe to do so they will return.
  • Class sizes have been reduced by at least 50% in hand with this we have increased the number of classes we offer.
  • This is the link for the desktop booking system: https://indma06.clubwise.com/315healthclub/index.html

The Poolside

The guidance from Swim England is very comprehensive and so to comply with this we have had to make some changes to the way our poolside will work going forwards.

  • A one-way system has been put in place across all the pools
  • To ensure that we can accommodate everyone whilst adhering to distancing regulations the main pool will be split in to 3 x wide lanes, each accommodating up to 8 swimmers. Where possible these will be separated according to speed.
  • Use of the poolside for lane, recreational and family swimming must be booked in advance. This will be in 45 minute blocks, the pools will then be closed for 15 minutes to allow for cleaning of all touchpoints before the following session.
  • To reduce the time spent in the changing rooms we ask that you arrive “swim ready” and shower at home.
  • This is the link for the desktop booking system: https://indma06.clubwise.com/315healthclub/index.html

Squash Courts

  • All must be booked in advance. This will be in 45 minute blocks, the courts will then be closed for 15 minutes to give time for the members to wipe down all touchpoints and allow for ventilation of the courts before the following session. The courts MUST NOT be occupied during this downtime
  • To reduce the time spent in the changing rooms we ask that you arrive “match ready” and shower at home.
  • Members from the same household or “support bubble” may play competitive / full squash*
  • Coaching led activities may take place with physical distancing in place with up to 5 players
  • Single player practice sessions may take place
  • Modified versions of squash e.g. sides may take place with members from outside of their households or “support bubbles”*
  • Hands MUST not be wiped on the walls, please bring a towel.
  • Courts are booked through FitSense/desktop link https://indma06.clubwise.com/315healthclub/index.html
  • The full Code of conduct for Squash can be read here.

*This is subject to change depending on the current tier restrictions of Lancaster – please stay up to date via the England Squash website.

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