Here at 3-1-5 Health Clubs we see fitness not only as a necessity, not only as a lifestyle choice, but as a fun activity also and as a result all of our facilities cater to this. Our staff are here to ensure an enjoyable experience whether you come alone for a focused and intense training session, or if you come with friends and family for a healthy way to spend some time. So what are you waiting for? Get started!


It’s your club, it’s your choice

At 3-1-5 our 5 star facilities and service cater for any person, of any age and any ability. Whether you’ve been exercising for 50 years or you’ve never ventured into a health club before; the amount of help you get from us is up to you. If you don’t want it, that’s fine. If you need more of it, that’s fine too. You won’t be pigeon-holed at 3-1-5; it’s your life, tell us about you…

Something extra special

We’ve also brought the most innovative exercise equipment in the world to your doorstep – it’s called X-Force.  With X-Force you’re able to melt more body fat, in less time. It’s so effective that a 2012 study concluded that exercising on X-Force once weekly and following a simple calorie controlled diet can see an average weight loss of up to 2.4 stone in 6 weeks.


Our dedicated aqua programme is catered towards people of any age and any ability who have an interest in swimming or aqua-sports. Our range of programmes include swimming lessons, personalised swim-fit sessions and sports like water-polo. Taught by accredited, qualified and experienced trainers.


Find the perfect routine to obtain your perfect body


All levels of classes from the latest dance craze to hardcore weights


Pool classes, swim, dance, stretch, tone and more whilst taking a dip


Time constraints?
30 Minute, high intensity training within a small group


Negative training makes you healthier. Fact. Discover the training that suits you


Find out all the latest news from 3-1-5

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3-1-5 Short Listed for 3 Awards after launching a Campaign to Breaks Down the Barriers to Physical Activity in the Bay Area

The importance of inactivity as a top tier public health concern is being fully realised, with the impact it has to the health of our nation and on our struggling NHS. The health and fitness sector has a crucial role to play in engaging with local communities and becoming centres for health and wellbeing, using […]

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Stay Healthy at Work

Stay Healthy at work: We all know how easy it is to fall into an afternoon lull, sitting at your desk with a full belly can trigger tiredness and a lack of motivation. Beat those afternoon blues and shape up too with this 5 minute desk workout to get your blood pumping and energy flowing […]

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Are you Barking up the wrong tree – thoughts of a CEO

Are you Barking Up the Wrong Tree The role of CEO or MD of a growing business is an adrenaline-fuelled journey. Making the right decisions matter whether it is about a new strategy, product, recruit or campaign. There is always a little anxiety. The decisions get larger or rather the consequences get larger. What if… […]

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3-1-5 Health Club & Peak Performance Consultancy – Workforce Optimisation

The Challenge “If you want more out of your team, you need to put more in to your team.” Sounds pretty arbitrary, but in the current commercial and economic climate, many organisations have had to prioratise other things, over what is arguably its most valuable asset – its people Gallup research proves that helping turn […]

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UK Bathroom Store - Large Logo
Business Of The Month

Our first Business of the month is Bathtime North West, Bathtime recently took part in our Sports Relief 210 Mile treadmill challenge and absolutely smashed it – being the first team to hit the 210 mile mark in just 6 days!! Bathtime Northwest are the areas leading supplier of bathrooms and bathroom related equipment.  We […]

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Some Tender Loving Care for Athletic Bodies

There’s a push-pull to staying fit that involves working hard enough to make progress, and resting sufficiently to promote recovery and stave off over-exertion. Yin and yang is also central to Traditional Chinese Medicine. So it’s no surprise that the fit incorporate Eastern practices into their lives to fight pain, stress, injury and even aging. Although TCM has thousands of years of empirical […]

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