Feel the Love Sale ‘Couples’ Membership

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Two’s better than one with our couples membership.

Because couples who train together, stay together.

Valentines FEEL THE LOVE Extravaganza Sale 

Are you struggling with your motivation or you simply want to squeeze more out of every workout you do? One of the smartest moves you can make is to get a workout buddy.


Having the right workout buddy can often be the difference between failure and success, good results and incredible results. It’s a fact!

Even if you find you work better on your own, the right workout partner can force you to tap into those extra reserves of strength and energy so that you push through a few extra reps.   You only get out, what you put in!

Social Interaction

Did you know that more than 40% of participants drop out of a fitness course shortly after it begins if they attend on their own? However, if they work out with a friend, the dropout rate decreases to 6%.

This suggests that one of the best reasons for exercising with friends is the social interaction.

People who train together form a group identity and no longer feel alone. Accomplishing something on your own is amazing of course. However, sharing that success with a friend or group of friends who know how hard you’ve worked to reach that goal feels even better.

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