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What is Young at Heart Functional Force?

This class follows a similar structure to our ‘Y@H X-Force’ class but combines the use of additional free weight & bodyweight exercises in between each exercise machine station.


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Class Frequency

Once a Week

What are the Benefits of Young at Heart Functional Force?

Comprehensive Strength Training

Incorporating free weights and bodyweight exercises alongside machine stations provides a well-rounded strength training regimen. This helps you maintain muscle mass and improve overall strength, which is essential for daily activities.

Balance and Coordination

Including bodyweight exercises challenges balance and coordination, which are crucial for fall prevention and overall stability.


Alternating between machine stations and free weight/bodyweight exercises offers a varied and engaging workout experience, reducing exercise monotony and boredom.

Reduced Stress

Our Function Force classes trigger the release of endorphins, reducing stress and promoting a positive mood.

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