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What is Spinning Strength?

Spinning Strength –  a 45-minute stamina ride. Think hills. How big – your choice. Challenging climbs, fast climbs, seated, standing, running. Great for your thighs, hips and glutes. Cardio and peak fitness modes throughout. Challenge yourself! 


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What are the Benefits of Spinning Strength?

Cardiovascular Endurance

Spinning is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can help improve your heart and lung health. It increases your endurance and stamina, leading to better overall fitness.


Spinning is a low-impact exercise, which means it’s gentle on the joints while still providing an intense workout. This makes it suitable for people of various fitness levels and those with joint issues.

Mental Health

Like our other classes, spinning strength can release endorphins, improve mood, and reduce stress. The group atmosphere and motivational music can also boost mental well-being.

Improved Lung Capacity

Spin classes involve controlled breathing techniques, which can enhance lung capacity and respiratory efficiency.

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