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What is ShredZone?

ShredZone is a high-intensity circuit-style workout using a combination of cardio machines & bodyweight/weighted exercises in the middle. Moving around in 6-minute blocks & timed intervals for 45 minutes total.


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From beginners to the more advance.

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What are the Benefits of ShredZone?

Strength Development

ShredZone’s use of weighted exercises enhances muscular strength and endurance, supporting overall physical performance.

Improved Agility

The circuit-style format and timed intervals in ShredZone promote agility and coordination, enhancing overall motor skills.

Effective Workouts

ShredZone typically lasts for 45 minutes, providing a time-efficient way to achieve a full-body workout in a short period.


The class incorporates a mix of exercises and equipment, preventing workout boredom and plateaus while targeting various muscle groups.

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