/ Les Mills Shapes

What is Les Mills Shapes?

This is the workout you never knew you needed. An invigorating blend of Pilates, barre, and power yoga set to modern beats. With small, controlled movements, you sculpt and strengthen all major muscle groups, improve alignment and increase flexibility.


Mind & Body


Any Ability Welcome

Class Type

Mind & Body / Strength

Class Frequency

Three Times a Week.

What are the Benefits of Les Mills Shapes?

Comprehensive Fitness

Les Mills Shapes integrates strength, flexibility, and mindfulness exercises into a single class, ensuring a holistic approach to physical fitness and overall health.

Strength Development

Shapes includes strength training exercises that help build lean muscle mass, increase muscular strength, and improve overall body tone.

Enhanced Flexibility

Shapes incorporates stretching and flexibility exercises, promoting improved range of motion, reduced muscle tension, and enhanced joint mobility.

Improved Core Stability

Many Shapes exercises engage the core muscles, leading to better core stability, posture, and lower back support.


We will be using light weights, bands and sliders in this class. All equipment is provided.

Yes! It is the ideal way to introduce your body to working out. You can progress through sequences at your own pace.

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