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What is Abs and Core?

It is vital to train your abs and core to create strength and stability and help prevent injuries.

Training your abs and core will complement your other workouts, improve posture, help lower back pain, improve overall athletic performance, and enhance daily life!


X-Force Area


Perfect for all abilities.

Class Type

Strength & Conditioning

Class Frequency

Twice a Week

What are the Benefits of Abs and Core?

Improved Posture

Strong core muscles support proper spine alignment, helping you maintain a good posture, reducing the risk of back pain and improving your overall body alignment.


Enhanced Balance and Stability

The core muscles play a crucial role in stabilising your body during movement. Strengthening these muscles can improve your balance and stability, which is beneficial for everyday activities and sports performance.


Improved Breathing

Stronger core muscles can enhance your respiratory function, as some core muscles are involved in breathing mechanics.


Better Digestion and Internal Organ Support

A strong core can also aid in the functioning of internal organs and may improve digestion.

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