What is Pilates?

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Pilates is an innovative system of mind-body exercise. As you learn to use your body to its full potential, Pilates also teachers you to better understand it.

Location: Mind and Body Studio or Studio 2

Trainers: Denise and Pam

Your trainers will teach you to better control and coordinate your body. Pilates exercises themselves allow you to tone and shape your body.

As you exercise, you’ll learn to control and coordinate:

  • Breathing
  • Body mechanics
  • Stabilisation
  • Muscle Contractions
  • Greater core strength

As well as toning your body, you’ll be able to better harness your strength.

As well as our regular class, we offer a beginner’s class for anyone new to Pilates – or new to exercise in general. You’ll learn the basics in a small group. It’s a great way to start building muscle tone and developing core strength. You’ll improve your strength, flexibility, and balance.

Fitness Level:


Beginner – Advanced


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