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  • Before leaving home consider asking your child to use toilet facilities as use within the club is limited due to the one way system around the club.
  • One adult per swimmer is permitted in the building and where possible we request that non-swimming siblings do not accompany you in an effort to reduce the amount of people in the building, however, we appreciate this isn’t always possible.
  • Prior to setting off for your swimming lesson you should dress your Stingray so they are ‘swim ready’ under their clothes we do advise swim hats as this will make the changing process easier. We cannot assist with hats/goggles so ensure these are fitted correctly prior to lessons.
  •  On your arrival to the club you should wait in the carpark until 5 minutes prior to your lesson* then form a line in front of the far poolside fire exit (this will be sign posted).
  •  *Please note that we cannot accommodate late arrival. The doors will be closed for access promptly when your child’s lesson begins.
  •  You will then be invited onto poolside; at this point please remove your shoes and your children’s clothes placing them in a bag to take off poolside with you.
  •  Please use the hand sanitising station provided at this point.
  •  There is a one way system round poolside so please ensure that you are following the arrows and adhering to social distancing guidelines (Don’t worry we have pool hosts on hand to guide you too).
  •  Once you have dropped your child off with their teacher you can make your way to our new ‘stingray waiting area’ in the lounge. Whilst in this area we do request that all adults to wear a face mask. There will be a host available in this lounge desks to deal with your queries.
  •  Your child’s chief Stingray is not permitted to enter the water at this time, however, to ensure your child’s safety we have  increased the presence of our staff on poolside.
  •  The space your child has during their lesson will also be increased to allow them to adhere to social distancing guidance, and we will issue them with their own clean equipment each lesson to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  •  Once your child’s lesson is finished you’ll be invited to return to poolside, again adhering to the one way system. Please ensure your staying on top of your HomePortal to monitor progress as this will be our main form of communication regarding your child’s progress.
  •  Making your way to the changing rooms, you’ll notice a Stingray changing area is designated*. *Please note however shower facilities will not be available at this time.
  •  We request you then make a swift exit from the building via the front doors of the club.

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Thank you from the Stingray Team