Snowy Green Squash school of Excellence at 3-1-5!

Kids Squash Coaching Now Available!

New to Snowy’s Squash School of excellence we now have Kids Squash Coaching

for children age 6 – 16 years!

Featuring our new coaches Drew and Will!

3-1-5 Health Club Squash Junior coachingWhat else does our resident Squash Programme offer?

Our resident squash school has a variety of teams and leagues for enthusiasts of any age.

Whether it’s a young future budding world champion who wants coaching on a weekend, someone who’s played every week with a work colleague for the last 20 years or someone who wants some league competition, they’ll be catered for.

3-1-5’s expert resident coaches offer training, practice and advice to people of ALL ages and ALL abilities.

The club itself has leagues for all age groups as well as a club champion and paraclub champion competitions.

For more information on Squash training or rackets, re-stringing, shoes or grips contact Snowy on: 07572  578335  or click HERE


Contact Snowy via email: [email protected] for further information on all things Squash!