Weekly Spotlight: Dive into New Experiences

This month, as part of our **Choose Togetherness** theme, we’re spotlighting a series of classes designed to invigorate your fitness routine and deepen our sense of community. Each week, we’re inviting both our cherished members and intrigued prospects to step into a new experience, push boundaries, and discover new passions within the diverse world of 3-1-5.

This Week's Highlight: The Dynamic World of Sprint

Sprint class stands out as more than just a workout; it’s a journey filled with uplifting music, energising group dynamics, and the kind of sweat that leaves you exhilarated. Perfect for cardio enthusiasts and those looking to ignite their fitness journey with a bang, our sprint classes offer an inclusive environment where every pedal stroke propels us forward together.


Meet two of Your Instructors: Beacon’s of Motivation – KJ and Kady

Leading the charge is Kady and KJ, department managers of 3-1-5 , whose passion for fitness is also matched by their commitment to creating an inclusive and motivating environment with our new Sprint classes. Kady believes in the power of music and movement to transform our mood, our day, and ultimately, our life and KJ’s teaching style that encourages you to push your limits while respecting your body’s needs, Kady and KJ’s classes are a must-try for everyone.

KJ and Kady