Aqua Run

aqua run

/ Aqua Run What is Aqua Run? Aqua Run is an in-water, total body workout, great for all athletes, especially those who are starting their fitness journey or are injured. This water-based running class looks at different running styles and sessions in the water.! Location Swimming Pool Level Perfect for all abilities, especially those who […]

Aqua Tone

aqua tone

/ Aqua Tone What is Aqua Tone? A water-based exercise class which is non-weight bearing. An excellent exercise for all and a great starting point for those recovering from injuries or post-natal*. Flotation equipment is used for extra resistance so a great all-round toning and conditioning class Location Swimming Pool Level Perfect for all abilities, […]

Aqua Natal

aqua natal

/ Aqua Natal What is Aqua Natal? 45 minutes of aerobic exercise in water, including strengthening and resistance training and relaxation, breathing exercises and preparation for birth.   We will always support you with pelvic floor exercises and encourage you to work at your own pace, aqua natal classes are a wonderful way of meeting […]

Drop in Splash

drop in splash

/ Splash & Explore What is Our Splash & Explore Class? Calling all parents with children under 4 years old! Drop in at any point within the set hour to our child-friendly, warm water. Our Aquatic baby & pre-school specialist instructors are on hand to provide guidance & share knowledge with you & your little […]



/ Hydrofit What is Our Hydrofit Class? Immerse yourself in a high-energy HydroFit class, where the dynamic resistance of the water takes your workout to the next level. Our invigorating aquatic fitness programme combines cardiovascular endurance with muscle-toning exercises using specialized resistance equipment. Dive into a fun and challenging experience that’s easy on your joints, […]



/ Swimfit What is Our Swimfit Class? Our supervised swim sessions, looking at a variety of swim sets in the pool. This class is adaptable for any swimmer and a great way to keep fit and active in the pool. Location Swimming Pool Level Perfect for anyone who enjoys water-based classes. Class Type Swimming What […]